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17 July 2008 @ 07:50 pm
hi (:  
hello everybody. as you can tell, i deleted all of my rubbish posts and just kept the icons and tutorials, so i'm technically starting again.

well, to start with, i know it was a long time ago, but i'm so happy that rafael nadal won Wimbledon! i just saw a picture of him and it brought that to my mind. i love him so much though!

that aside, i am so excited about the weekend! i have work on Saturday, but then after that i'm going to a party, which is cool because it's the first proper party in ages! it's fancy dress and i'm going as a cowgirl (: i got the idea from the film 'into the wild', where the guy meets the girl in the camp with the hippies. that's confusing but if you remembered or watched the film you would get what i mean. the girl, when she's wearing the shorts, orange top and boots, only i'm wearing a stetson as well.

of course, after the weekend i only have tow more days of school, monday and tuesday, and then i'm gone for six sweet weeks (: on tuesday i'm going into london with my friends for my friend's birthday, then loads of people are going on holiday and i have to make my own fun until i go on holiday, then hopefully we'll get some time (:

i'm applying for this art course i applied for last year and didn't get into, so hopefully this year i'll be more successful, wish me luck!